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Welcome to Black Hawk Laser


Black Hawk offers Laser Tag, Virtual Reality Games and 2 Escape Rooms.  We are based at Unit 4 Mile Oak Industrial Estate, Oswestry, Shropshire SY10 8GA.


We are opening in Step 3 17th May 2021 and bookings are available on our system from that date onwards.


Laser tag gaming is perfect for parties, groups and individuals.  It can be used for team building and corporate events as well as individuals playing to improve confidence, self esteem and having fun.


See Covid 19 Information page for detailed information as to how we are protecting our players.


We use state of the art modern military Raptor 2S & 3 laser tag guns from market leading Intager.  The guns are designed to meet the needs of everyone from youngsters to the most demanding adult players.


We offer a variety of exciting games for all to enjoy and our arena is regularly changed and updated.


The benefits of Indoor tag games are no mud, no rain and no pain!  Our sessions are open to 7 years plus and have no height restrictions.  No need for overalls, goggles and bulky safety equipment.


You are not limited to a number of games, you have your chosen time slot will get many games within the session time.




Covid 19 Information

Black Hawk Laser Covid Secure Policies



 In order to operate safely we are implementing the following -


  • All booking are made online in advance.


  • Booking slots have been spread out so that groups do not overlap.


  • Sanitising gel stations have been installed.


  • Equipment will be cleaned between each use.


  • Persons displaying any symptoms will be asked not to enter the building.


  • Players will be asked (as always) to maintain a safe distance from each other while playing.


  • The premises has been deep cleaned and an enhanced cleaning regime employed.




Games are varied over the session and different skills developed.  Missions include 'Annihilation', 'Domination', 'VIP Protection', 'Capture the Flag' and 'Black Hawk Down' where you take the role of a helicopter pilot, downed and fighting to survive against the enemy.


Laser tag game sessions start with a briefing during which health and safety instructions are given, taggers are issued and demonstrated.


Once everyone is kitted up and happy we proceed with the first game. There is no limit to the number of games per session and because you cannot be knocked out by 1 shot you will get plenty of time to play the tagging games.  Ammunition is unlimited at no extra charge.


Games are disabled friendly, if you have a disability please get in touch with us so we can discuss how best to meet your needs.


When the games end we allow enough time to debrief, return kit and discuss results with the participants.

Laser Tag Games

Laser Tag Birthday Parties

Parties are available for children age 7 and above.  Every party includes:


An hour of fun laser games in the indoor laser arena for up to 20 players. 


After laser games each child has a squash drink or water and a choice of hot meal in the cafe area.


Download your free Birthday Invitations 

Virtual Reality Games

In the latest exciting addition to Black Hawk we are introducing a futuristic range of Virtual Reality Game Machines.  These high quality 5D/7D game machines utilise the latest in VR technology.  There are 4 machine options to choose from, 5 players at any one time and 5 ways to book! 


Token packages allow you to buy 2, 10 or 25 tokens which you can then choose to use on whichever machine and game you prefer.  These start at just £5! Unlimited buys you an hours use of all machines with no limit on the number of games you choose.  Birthday Parties allow unlimited access and a hot meal and soft drink included.

VR Racing


This realistic driving motion VR machine allows you to clearly feel the movement of the car on the track, the grass, rough roads and off road conditions.  This immersive driving experience makes you feel like you are inside a real car with the car responding as you drive it.

VR Magic


The VR Magic station is a stand up machine allowing players to access a huge number of VR games for players of all ages.

VR 360 Motion Chair


A VR Roller Coaster Simulator5 degree pitch giving the player huge freedom of movement in a VR world like no other.  This machine gives the ultimate in high level VR immersion to the player.  This chair has 360 degree rotation and 4s like a real rollercoaster and there are many VR rides to choose from.

VR 9D Double Chair


Grab a friend and go together into a new Virtual world.  This machine uses hi-fi sound, air jets, vibration, panoramic 360 degree vision, leg sweep and back poke movement.  There are over 100 games to enjoy, suitable for all ages.

Virtual Reality Birthday Parties

Parties are available for children age 7 and above. 


Every party includes:


An hour of unlimited virtual reality games in the VR room for up to 6 persons.  


After VR Games each child has a squash drink or water and a choice of hot meal in the cafe area.


Download your free Birthday Invitations 


With the help of your friends, family, colleagues or partner you have just 60 minutes to solve the clues and puzzles to escape the room.


You will be assisted by a games master who will be watching from a control room to ensure your safety and enjoyment.  


Escape rooms are recommended for ages 10 plus and for 2 to 6 players.  There must be at least 1 adult in a team.



Enter the Room ~ Solve the Clues ~ Escape!

Black Hawk Laser is based at Unit 4, Mile Oak Industrial Estate, Oswestry, Shropshire SY10 8GA.


We have free parking, toilets and cafe facilties.


Open 7 days a week - 10am to 10pm


The indoor arena is designed to be a stimulating and exciting environment.  We redesign the interior on a regular basis so that return visitors will find a fresh layout to enjoy. We use sound, lighting and decoration to bring the whole experience to life.  So if you are a video gamer this is where you get to play those games for real.


We are fully insured and first aid qualified.  There is disabled access to the indoor arena but movement around the arena may be limited in places - please contact us for further information.


Black Hawk Laser uses the latest in laser tag technology to maximise the quality of your experience.  We have Intager Rapter 2S & 3 guns.  They are lightweight so the smallest players can easily carry them.


Each tagger sends a flash when shooting to simulate a gun firing and has realistic sounds to bring the experience to life. They feature wireless safety helmets to make wearing the kit comfortable.  There are no bulky vests to wear and the gun has 360 degree vulnerability.  


The tagger display shows all mission critical information at a glance.  This includes - lives remaining and  ammunition.  Players play the role of Soldier, Medic, Support or Sniper.  



About Black Hawk Laser

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you Open?

Not currently due to national lockdown.  We hope to open on 17th May 2021 subject to government guidance.


Is it safe to play?

We have performed a risk assessment and actioned everything necessary to operate safely.  We are certified 'Good to Go' by Visit England.


Is there an age restriction?

Players must be aged 7 years or older due to insurance.  There is no upper age limit.


What equipment do players have to wear?

Players hold a tagger (gun) and wear a helmet which has sensors on.  There is no vest and all kit is wireless.


What should players wear to play?

You are requested to wear comfortable casual shoes and clothes, they are liable to get dusty so not your best clothes.


Are the guns heavy?

Taggers weigh 1.1kg and are light enough for our youngest players to manage.


Is there a height restriction?

None whatsoever, the only limitation relates to age.


How many games are there in an hour session?

Usually there is time for 6 games but we fill the time you have with as many as possible.


Is there parking on site?

Yes there is free parking available at our premises.


Do you have any discounts available? 

We offer discounts to youth groups, charities, serving and veteran MOD personel, NHS and Healthcare Workers and Emergency Services.  Please contact us for further details.


Does it hurt to play?

Unlike paintball it does not hurt to play.  The laser is in fact Infra red much like your television remote and is therefore painless.




Bookings can be made using our online booking portal - just click the green book now button above.


For queries please call us on 01691 654967

07854 668566 (out of hours)

or email bookings@blackhawklaser.co.uk



Booking is essential










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