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virtual reality GAMES

In the latest exciting addition to Black Hawk we are introducing a futuristic range of Virtual Reality Game Machines.  These high quality 5D/7D game machines utilise the latest in VR technology.  There are 4 machine options to choose from, 5 players at any one time and 5 ways to book! 


Token packages allow you to buy 2, 10 or 25 tokens which you can then choose to use on whichever machine and game you prefer.  These start at just £5! Unlimited buys you an hours use of all machines with no limit on the number of games you choose.  Birthday Parties allow unlimited access and a hot meal and soft drink included.  

VR Racing


This realistic driving motion VR machine allows you to clearly feel the movement of the car on the track, the grass, rough roads and off road conditions.  This immersive driving experience makes you feel like you are inside a real car with the car responding as you drive it.

VR Magic


The VR Magic station is a stand up machine allowing players to access a huge number of VR games for players of all ages.  

VR 360 Motion Chair


A VR Roller Coaster Simulator5 degree pitch giving the player huge freedom of movement in a VR world like no other.  This machine feelthat brings the ultimate in high level VR immersion to the player.  This chair has 360 degree rotation and 4s like a real rollercoaster and there are many VR rides to choose from.

VR 9D Double Chair


Grab a friend and go together into a new Virtual world.  This machine uses hi-fi sound, air jets, vibration, panoramic 360 degree vision, leg sweep and back poke movement.  There are over 100 games to enjoy, suitable for all ages.