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laser TAG Games

Games are varied over the session and different skills developed.  Missions include 'Annihilation', 'Domination', 'VIP Protection', 'Capture the Flag' and 'Black Hawk Down' where you take the role of a helicopter pilot, downed and fighting to survive against the enemy.


Games are currently available for groups between 4 and 6 persons.  We hope to increase back up to 20 players soon.


Laser tag game sessions start with a briefing during which health and safety instructions are given, taggers are issued and demonstrated.


Once everyone is kitted up and happy we proceed with the first game. There is no limit to the number of games per session and because you cannot be knocked out by 1 shot you will get plenty of time to play the tagging games.  Ammunition is unlimited at no extra charge.


Games are disabled friendly, if you have a disability please get in touch with us so we can discuss how best to meet your needs.


When the games end we allow enough time to debrief, return kit and discuss results with the participants.

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